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Welcome to Candela     

At Candela Restaurant - Wine Bar - Tapas, we offer a relaxed, casual setting for an authentic "Spanish Dining Experience". Our menu features a variety of classic Spanish dishes such as Paella, Patatas Bravas, Jamón Iberico, Croquetas, Sangria, and a wide selection of high-quality wines. Whether you dine with us or take our food and wine home, you can expect to treat your family and friends to the best of Spanish cuisine. Our goal is to provide a delightful and memorable dining experience for all of our guests. "Buen Provecho".

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Spanish Restaurant

At Candela, we offer a delectable selection of small plates and larger portions inspired by the vibrant flavors of Spain. Our menu is carefully curated to provide a memorable dining experience for you, your friends and family. Indulge and explore the rich tapestry of Spanish cuisine.

“Every plate is a masterpiece, fresh and flavorful”
spanish food, paellas, tapas



Tapas are a variety of small, savory Spanish dishes typically served as appetizers. They can include items such as olives, cheese, cured meats, seafood, and various vegetable dishes.


Spanish charcuterie includes a variety of cured meats such as Jamón, Chorizo and  Salchichón. Popular Spanish cheeses include Manchego, Cabrales, Tetilla and Idiazabal. Both charcuterie and cheeses are often enjoyed with bread, olives, and wine.


Any exploration of Spanish cuisine wouldn’t be complete without getting to grips with Spanish Wine and Beer culture. 

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