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Consuming Iberian ham has health benefits.

A recent study published by the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (ANICE), revealed, for the first time, that the consumption of Iberian Ham improves cardiovascular health.

Yes, the famous “jamón de pata negra”, whose correct name is “Jamón Ibérico” (referring to its breed), stands out for the first time, not only for its culinary and nutritional value but for its benefits to health.

It provides essential amino acids and vitamins of group B and vitamin E. It is rich in iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, highlighting its high content of unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid). In addition, it acts as a powerful antioxidant due to its high content of polyphenols. That is why it is sometimes compared to the properties of good olive oil.

Until now, all these benefits were a hypothesis, but after this study, that and much more were demonstrated, according to Dr. Sabán, director of the Endothelium and Cardiometabolic Medicine Unit at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid.

The study certifies that Iberian hams can be introduced into the diet without gaining weight or increasing triglyceride levels and prolongs the positive effects for up to six weeks after stopping consumption. So, it also revealed that the body has a "good memory" regarding the consumption of Ham. Therefore, including Iberian Ham in the diet in a regular and controlled way protects and/or improves health.

"The consumption of Ibérico is part of our culture, we have always known that it is healthy, but now we are more than happy to be able to certify it with this study and share it with the world", comments Santiago Martín, president of Fermín Ibérico, the first brand in reach the US with this product.

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Serrano Ham

The study analyzed the Acorn-fed Iberian Ham that the consumer identifies by a black label (a 100% Iberian breed pig that consumed Acorn) and an Iberian Ham that is in white or green packaging (a 50% Iberian breed pig, who consumed grass and/or cereals).

In both cases, after consuming a regular dose of Iberico Ham and Acorn-fed Iberico Ham in a healthy population, the following conclusions were reached:

· Weight is not gained; abdominal waist and body fat are slightly reduced.

· The lipid profile (LDL, HDL, and triglycerides) is not altered, and triglycerides are reduced by 4 points.

· Lowers blood pressure and improves microcirculation

· Improvement of cardiovascular risk.

So now, to enjoy a piece of Iberian ham with a glass of wine at our restaurant and to toast everyone's health.

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